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Jack and Steve are father and middle-aged son.

Jack lives in a care home where his access to the TV room and love of his fellow humans combine in recommendations for you, dear reader. His parents, wife and friends are largely dead. Much like his liberalism.


Steve lives in his own home with a loving family and grinding sense that early middle-age is destroying him. He is, however, more pleasant than Jack and will seek to give a balanced view where the old goat has gone off on one. He also works, so those views ain’t coming often.

pexels-photo-100583.jpegThank you for popping by and reading our thoughts, feelings, reviews, whimsical ramblings and occasional useful thoughts from 135 years’ worth of modern male thought and movies.

And if we’ve done something incompetent, please let us know. All pictures are used to ‘review’ stuff. Yell if you hate that.

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